Energy Efficiency

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Water Heaters That Improve Energy Efficiency


While it is still possible to buy the cumbersome, old style, electric water heaters, these days they have less impact on the world we live in. Along the way though, other hot water heaters have come along that also provide better energy efficiencyProving very popular are tankless gas water heaters, using either natural or propane gas. Instant hot water is supplied on demand only when it is needed and as soon as the tap is turned off the system shuts down. This means that less energy is being used, no water is being wasted waiting for it to heat up and the hot water will not 'run out' because it is being heated as it passes through the heat exchanger rather than storing a finite amount in a tank.The Rheem and Rinnai companies have excellent tankless versions of these products that have earned the energy star label indicating that they have met all of the strict criteria necessary to display that their product is energy efficient and will save you money in terms of operating costs. Rinnai has a product called a space heating hydronic air handler. It is specially made to work with their gas product to heat both the water and the air of the house using the same energy source. This results in an increase in utility bill savings and a decrease in harmful emissions that are effecting our environment..

Although they are the most energy efficient, solar water heaters are often beyond the reach of most householders as the initial costs to buy and install one of these are quite high. Therefore tankless gas, even though it is more costly than an electric tank, is more affordable in terms of upfront costs and will be the water heater that lasts the longest (about 20 years), and saves you the most money. Tankless gas water heaters are easier to troubleshoot and maintain. Indoor systems usually require little maintenance, as long as they have adequate venting. They also have builtin self diagnostic systems with easy to understand codes that guide you when there are problems. Having said that if there is ever any doubt, think about your safey first and call a water heater professional.The easiest way to get to know more about the various types of water heaters and which ones are the most suitable for you, when it comes to your convenience, your environment and your wallet, is to research the many benefits and features online.

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Energy Efficiency

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Frequently Asked Questions...

what are some things that we can do to help Energy Efficiency?

what are a few things we can do in our own household so that can help energy efficiency ? such as helping save water, heat, anything. thank you in advance (= !

Best Answer...


Please note that it is sort of more effective to reduce your energy use overall in terms of saving money on power, water, and heat. Energy efficiency is more incremental in reducing the amount of energy you need to use for the things you cannot do without.

So efficiency examples:

- Showers instead of baths;
- Stir-fry instead of baking;
- Sealing your home to trap heat and cooling;
- Florescent lighting instead of incandescent (or use dimmers);
- Keep all your doors closed inside the house to reduce the amount of rooms to heat/cool;
- Buying energy-star appliances (need to figure out the return on investment thing though - I hate math);
- Carpooling (public transportation is not considered efficient, but more eco-friendly);
- Planning your errands instead of going out everytime you need something;
- Spend as little At-Home time alone as possible (sharing heat, light and power improves efficiency).

Notice these will not provide the big reduction bang compared to a full energy reduction program:

- Using fans instead of air conditioning;
- Uplugging devices when not in use;
- Setting your thermostats higher in the summer, and lower in the winter;
- Using public transportation;
- Using public space more often (less reliance on your own heating & cooling);
- Rain Harvesting (not really a reduction, but more of source transfer);
- Installing alternative energy source (again, not really a reduction, but more of source transfer);

Good luck!

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